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Wang Peng

     Mr. Wang Peng, Assistant Professor of the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and a member of the Chinese Association of Latin American studies, is engaged in the studies of Latin American politics and Sino-Latin American relations. A doctor candidate of Latin American Politics at the Graduate School of CASS, he got his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Shanxi University, Shanxi Province.
     He currently focuses the attention on Venezuelan affairs and has published a series of articles on it. He attended the Second CELAO Congress held in Seoul, Korea in June 2007 and addressed the meeting on Venezuela’s governability. Now he is responsible for a research project supported by ILAS on so-called 21st Century Socialism proposed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
     His papers include: Analysis of Venezuela’s Governability, Chavez Government and the New Development Model in Venezuela, Foreign Policy of the First Chavez Government, Venezuelan-U.S. Relations under the Chavez Government, and China’s Relations with the Caricom.
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